Paneer Sandwich Recipe – Cottage cheese sandwich

Paneer sandwich recipe – Cottage cheese sandwich recipe – Healthy Sandwich Recipe – Quick Sandwich Recipe

Paneer Sandwich is an extremely easy and healthy snack recipe made with Indian crumbled cottage cheese,  green chutney, spices, and herbs, and also with loads of healthy vegetables. A sumptuous and filling cottage cheese sandwich is a good source of protein and calcium. This kid-friendly sandwich is great for breakfast, brunch, snack or even for lunch box.

This yummy and nutritious paneer sandwich is an awesome deal that nobody can refuse and which you can make in a few minutes. You can either grill the Sandwiches in the sandwich maker or toast them on Tawa/flat pan or even you can serve it without toasting or grilling. Continue reading “Paneer Sandwich Recipe – Cottage cheese sandwich”

Patta Gobhi Pakoda – Cabbage Fritters

Patta Gobhi Pakoda – Cabbage Fritters – Patta Gobi Ke Pakode – easy cabbage Pakoda recipe

I have shared many Pakoda recipes but today I am sharing a very unique and very flavorful fritter and that is Patta Gobi Pakoda. Many people don’t like cabbage recipes, so, this cabbage Pakodas are for those people who just hate Patta gobi. You may think you’ve tried enough cabbage recipes to last you a lifetime, but, please, do try this cabbage fritter just one more time. And I am sure you will start liking cabbage all over again.

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